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Brit Bille Albrektsen

International Partnership Manager

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Technical University of Denmark

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Foto: Goldener Westen
31 MAY

EU-funded project teaches microfluidics through animated football

Microbioreactors and laminar flow are among the most essential keywords in the world of microfluidics, but is most likely a tough read to the general public and even professionals working in different scientific areas.

30 MAY

Project could pave the way towards less phosphorus import

Phosphorus is an essential compound for agriculture fertilizers and thereby most of the food we consume. But the phosphorus mines are running low and becoming increasingly polluted by cadmium, which can lead to kidney failures when consumed by humans.

Chemical engineering Food, fish and agriculture
Forskningens Døgn
12 MAY

Danish Science Festival attracts crowds of all ages to KT

DTU once again opened the doors to the public in order to showcase the best of science at the annual Danish Science Festival and KT was represented with several events.

Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson
08 APR

Recycle your wastewater with mathematics

In Greek Mythology, Proteus is the god with the ability to change water. In the world of science, the PROTEUS project is all about the same. The mastermind behind it, Xavier Flores-Alsina, has proposed a new set of mathematical models that will assist process engineers to turn wastewater into a clean and sustainable supply of resources...

07 APR

Straw could provide the building blocks for clothes and medicines

Glucose from straw may play a big role in the future production of many everyday product. An award winning PhD project from DTU Chemical Engeering aims to uncover how new processes can help increase the profit values from straw and make it an effective and profitable business.

Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson
06 APR

New coating test methods could be worth gold to companies

People. Planet. Profit. Coatings can contribute to improving the triple bottom line of companies. Whether they are providing people with longer escape times during fires, protecting the planet from excessive CO2 release in the maritime industry or preventing production stops to secure the profit of the cement industry, they are doing so...

Chemical engineering Environment and pollution
Hariklia Gavala and Manuel Pinelo. Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson
06 APR

Membranes pave the way for a brighter bio-future

The potential of bio-based products depends strongly on how attractive they are in the eyes of the environment and the economy. New membrane technologies from DTU Chemical Engineering may be the solution needed to overcome some of the major hurdles that bio-products face.

Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson
04 APR

The perfect sustainable plastic is rooted in plants and clay

A new more sustainable material developed by reinforcing commercial bioplastic using additives from plants such as nanocellulose and oregano extracts can solve the most common challenges of the bioplastics such as brittleness, moderate barrier properties and low heat resistance. Furthermore, the new material actively protects the food from...

Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson
21 MAR

New research centre aims to improve industrial processes and equipment

This year, a new research centre has been established at DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. The centre, with the eloquent short name PILOT PLANT, will be researching and teaching within experimental process and equipment design – and that is good news for students, researchers and companies.

11 MAR

CO2 should be a sustainable business

It is a very promising, but so far ineffective process to convert CO2 into sustainable fuels and chemicals, such as methanol. DTU Chemical Engineering has received DKK 7 million from VILLUM FONDEN in order to find new and more effective solutions.

BioEng Anne Veller
19 FEB

Introducing a chewy way out of your iron deficiency

Whole grain breakfast roll. Coffee. And to clear that bad breath – a piece of gum? New research show great potential as by simply adding a piece of chewing gum to finish off your meal you could on top of fixing that coffee breath potentially help reduce your iron deficiency.