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Stine Lykke Wagner

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News from DTU

Photo: Malene Dissing
05 OCT

Frederiksberg municipality leading the way on EV charging stations

More electric and hybrid cars calls for ‘smarter’ charging infrastructure.

green transition
31 JAN

Improved access to data and better frameworks for test and demonstration will accelerate the green transition

With the vision of Denmark as a front-runner in the green transition, the Danish Growth Team for sustainable energy and green technology today presented 10 specific recommendations to strengthen the Danish energy and utility industry. Recommendations that fit the strategy of Center for Electric Power and Energy at DTU like a glove.

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Jørgen S. Christensen / Chairman PowerLabDK
06 APR

New Chairman of PowerLabDK

The internationally recognized test platform PowerLabDK, which supports the Danish position as energy technology pioneer, now has a new Chairman; Jørgen S. Christensen from the Danish Energy Association will chair the PowerLabDK Steering Committee going forward.

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testing in PowerLabDK
05 JAN

No more chemicals - Global corporation tests oil pipes at DTU

When the offshore industry transports oil from the seabed to the platform, it is important that the oil has a good flow in the pipeline. Chemicals are often used to support this flow, but the American-based company National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is very close to launching a new technique where chemicals are no longer needed. Tests have been...

Electrotechnology Innovation and product development
optimisation of transformer stations
07 SEP

DTU graduate assists Radius in technical and financial optimisation of automatic secondary substations

The Danish electric operations company, Radius, is currently upgrading their secondary substations in order improve the operation of the grid. This, partly thanks to Mads Thelin Dalsgaard, who has developed a program for calculating the optimal placing of new automated secondary substations in the grid, as a part of his Master’s thesis...

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DTU students at Roskilde Festival
11 JUL

DTU students help make the power flow more efficient at Roskilde Festival

Several students from DTU participated at Roskilde Festival this year. And once again, many chose to do so in correlation with their education. They collaborate with Roskilde Festival by experimenting with different projects that each try to make the festival more sustainable, clean, or simply just more fun.

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Sustainable energy solutions
25 MAY

New multidisciplinary advisory service on sustainable energy

Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), and DTU in general, has a long tradition of advising both authorities and industry on scientific matters. In order to accommodate an increasing demand of sustainable energy solutions, we have now established an advisory service called REPLI.

Energy Energy efficiency Energy systems Electricity supply
PowerLabDK facilities
25 APR

PowerLabDK prepares for the digital energy future

In collaboration with the IT department of DTU, PowerLabDK has just invested in a large supercomputer as the first element of a soon-to-be-launched new Digital Energy Lab, which will support the development of an integrated, flexible and market-based energy system as recommended yesterday by the Danish Energy Commission.

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IDE4L Group
20 APR

Great results for active distribution network automation

“Ideal Grid for All” was the vision of a project collaboration between 13 European academic and industrial organisations – a vision that is now very close to becoming a reality as the project has ended with great results and eminent reviews from the European Commission.

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HVDC Converter Station, Photo: ABB
10 APR

Denmark in charge of new electric alliance

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark take the lead in a new project that will pave the way for an integrated energy system across the Nordic countries. The project will develop methods to optimise the management of electrical connections, which annually can save Denmark more than 100 million DKK.

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DTU Electric Vehicles
03 APR

New project on large scale electrical vehicle integration

A new project just got officially funded and will run between April 2017 and March 2020. The Project is called Across Continents Electric Vehicle Services (ACES) and intends to investigate technical and economic system benefits and impacts by large scale electric vehicles integration in Bornholm.

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Parker live streaming to PSA Groupe event
24 MAR

PowerLabDK streams live at large Groupe PSA event

This week, the French car manufacturer Groupe PSA (the group behind Citroën and Peugeot) organised a large internal showcase of innovation projects in Paris. PowerLabDK and the Department of Electrical Engineering at DTU were represented through a live stream from our SYSLAB facility, displaying the technology from our leading research...

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Vassilios Agelidis inaugural lecture
13 MAR

The future of electrical components in a digital society

Last Thursday on the 9th of March, Professor Vassilios Agelidis gave his inaugural lecture “Affordable, Reliable and Sustainable Energy Systems for a Digital Society” as he was welcomed by colleagues and friends as a Professor at Center for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Electrical Engineering.

30 JAN

One step closer to 100 pct. renewable energy

In 2011 the Danish government presented a new energy strategy for the horizon of 2050, with the aim of becoming independent of all fossil fuels and therefore 100 pct. based on renewable energy. DTU researchers are helping to realise this goal by predicting future faults in the energy system caused by the absence of power plants to regulate...

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The EcoGrid project at Bornholm is monitored at Powerlab, DTU Lyngby
24 JAN

PowerLabDK is looking for a new Chief Operating Officer

Do you want to work with business development, sales and marketing in an environment of ground-breaking knowledge and innovative technological solutions within the field of electric power and energy?

The Parker Project Group
03 JAN

The Parker project - new partners and official launch

Partners of the Parker project met in mid-December to mark the end of the project initialization phase and to begin its official launch as they strive to apply grid-balancing services to a fleet of electric vehicles to demonstrate their potential to support the electricity grid as power resources.

U.S. Embassy visits PowerLabDK
23 DEC

U.S. Embassy visits the PowerLabDK facilities in Lyngby

The Vice-ambassador of the American Embassy in Copenhagen, Laura Lochman, visited PowerLabDK with a small delegation this week to hear more about our EcoGrid project on Bornholm and other energy activities that Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) are facilitating. CEO Henrik Bodskov at IBM Denmark and Head of Energy & Utilities...

Seminar by Göran Andersson
20 DEC

Professor Göran Andersson speaks at DTU

Professor Göran Andersson gave an inspiring talk today at DTU, when he pinpointed some of the research challenges we are facing concerning the future of electric power systems. This article will present some of his observations and arguments.

Photo by: Fenris Motorcycles
12 DEC

Former Electrical Engineering student aspires to build electric superbike

Former student takes his Master’s project to the next level as he aims to bring the ultimate electric motorcycle on the market by 2019.

Pierre Pinson seminar on Scandinavian electricity market
02 DEC

CEE research group to advice on the Chinese electricity market

A study tour turned into a great opportunity when Professor Pierre Pinson and members of the Energy Analytics & Markets research group from Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), DTU, visited China to participate in an international conference last month.