Niels-Kristian Hersoug

Niels-Kristian Hersoug

Senior Project Manager

Department of Photonics Engineering

High-Speed Optical Communications

Technical University of Denmark

Ørsteds Plads

Building 340, room 0.15.E

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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News from DTU

Foto: Bax Lindhardt
03 DEC

How to control the Internet’s energy consumption

The Internet is indispensable, but we need to get the CO2 emissions that result from increasing data transmissions under control. The answer is more energy-efficient optical systems.

Telecommunication CO2 separation and CO2 storage
Datacenter. Foto: Colourbox
26 OCT

DKK 100 million for faster, greener Internet

Internet traffic has risen a thousand-fold since 2000 and accounts for approximately 10 per cent of the world's electricity consumption, so there is a great need for new infrastructure. A new project supported by Innovation Fund Denmark will strengthen the area.

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