Annika Sidelmann Fjordbøge

Annika Sidelmann Fjordbøge

Senior Researcher

Department of Environmental Engineering

Technical University of Denmark


Building 115, room 164

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords Remediation | Contaminated sites | Zero valent iron | Abiotic reductiv dechlorination | Fractured media | Engineered nanoparticles | Field investigations | Risk assessment | DNAPL | Characterization

My research covers characterization, risk assessment and remediation of contaminated sites with focus on lab and field investigations. Most recently this includes areas such as abiotic reductive dechlorination (iron species), contact facilitating delivery methods (soil mixing), engineered nanoparticles, and contaminant characterization in fractured media (dissolved and DNAPL). 

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