Peter Steen Mikkelsen

Peter Steen Mikkelsen

Professor, Head of Outreach

Department of Environmental Engineering

Technical University of Denmark

Building 115, room 114

Fax +45 45 93 28 50
ORCID 0000-0003-3799-0493

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Keywords Stormwater management | Water sensitive urban design | Stormwater treatment | Probabilistic forecasting | Uncertainty and communication | Flooding | Urban drainage | Climate adaptation | Real time control | Water quality | Combined sewer overflows | Integrated urban water management

Peter Steen Mikkelsen is Professor of at DTU Environment. The main scientific interests are related to integrated understanding, engineering and management of Urban Water Systems with emphasis on stormwater management and urban drainage, fate of micropollutants and cloudburst management, and the role of uncertainty in modelling and decision making. The research involves many transdisciplinary collaborations allowing a wide range of connected topics to be included, such as modelling and risk assessment of dynamic systems; real time monitoring, forecasting and control; and risks and opportunities related to innovative climate adaptation of cities. Peter has been a visiting scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology in Zürich (ETH/EAWAG, 1993-94) and at the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2010-11). He has published more than 300 publications including +80 international, peer reviewed scientific papers and 4 national best practice standards. He is Head of Water DTU, the Center for Water Activities at DTU.


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