Søren Kegnæs

Søren Kegnæs


Department of Chemistry

Kemi: Faculty
Inorganic Chemistry: Centre for Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry

Technical University of Denmark


Building 206, room 148

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords Porous materials | Heterogeneous catalysis | functional and nano-structured materials | Materials | Catalysis | Inorganic Chemistry | Nanomaterials | Sustainable chemical and biochemical industries | CO2 | zeolite

Professor Søren Kegnæs -  member of faculty at the Department of Chemistry at the Technical University of Denmark.

The group of Professor Søren Kegnæs conducte research within design of functional nanomaterials, their characterization and application in heterogeneous catalysis. The research activities focus on the fundamental aspects of materials synthesis and catalysis in relation to industrial production of chemicals. A specific focus is on the synthesis of nanoparticles, zeolites, nanostructures and high surface area materials with controlled porosity.

For more infomation visit: www.kemi.dtu.dk/kegnaes or www.kegnaesgroup.dk and intragram #kegnaesgroup

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