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Henning Friis Poulsen


Department of Physics

Technical University of Denmark


Building 307, room 246

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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06 JUN

Advanced visualizations for companies

DTU’s 3D Imaging Centre assists companies in looking into materials in 3D and in real-time.

Image analysis
01 SEP

Danish elite researcher develops new European 3D X-ray microscope

Just a few days ago, the large pan-European research facility ESRF in France decided that its new flagship project will be a 3D microscope. The microscope was developed by a Danish professor sponsored by EU funding for particularly talented researchers.

02 JUN

New image analysis centre aims to cement Greater Copenhagen as a knowledge hub

The Capital Region of Denmark , DTU, and the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) are jointly financing a new image analysis centre to make it easier for Danish companies and hospitals to access the coming MAX IV X-ray microscope in Lund.

28 SEP

Theme: Knowledge about invisible structures produce new materials

Danish universities and businesses will have direct access to the recently inaugurated X-ray facility in Lund, Sweden— MAX IV .

Physics Lasers
14 APR

Unique opportunity for Danish companies in the competition to develop materials of the future

An agreement has just been finalized on Danish co-financing of the coming X-ray facility in Lund, Sweden—MAX IV. The agreement gives Danish companies and researchers direct access to use some of the world’s finest equipment for materials research, and will thus contribute to a Danish leading position within the development of new, advanced...

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