Anne Nygaard Tanner

Anne Nygaard Tanner

Associate Professor

DTU Management

UNEP DTU Partnership
UNEP DTU Partnership - Technology - Transitions & System Innovation

Technical University of Denmark

Marmorvej 51

Building FN Byen, room 3.7.49

2100 København Ø

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I have a strong research interest in understanding the development of new industries. My research is inter-disciplinary cross-cutting the fields of innovation studies, economic geography and institutional theory. In particular I focus on three questions:

Where do new industries emerge?  The aim is to identify the geographic origin of new economic activities that leads to the formation of new industries.

How do new industries emerge and evolve? Where the aim is to identify mechanisms and processes that are important for the early development stages of new industries.

Why do new industries emerge where they do?  The aim is to understand the interplay between the uneven distribution of economic activities across space and the innovation system processes that shape the development of new industries.

In other words, how do pre-existing economic activities condition the initiation of new industries? And how do innovation system processes fuel the formation of new industries?