Thomas Christian Jensen

Thomas Christian Jensen

Senior adviser

DTU Management

Transport DTU

Technical University of Denmark


Building 116, room 104C

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords Climate | Energy | Transport economics | Macro models

I have a large range of tasks under the headline Transport Economics. My primary interests are within the energy and environmental fields as well as the preparation of projections. The main part of my assignments is carried out as public sector consultancy for The Ministry of Transport. Among the assignments during my time at DTU transport are:

Traffic projections, effects of road pricing, valuation of energy security, the societal costs of reducing CO2 emissions within the transport sector, the market potential for EVs, mode choice on short trips focusing on walking and bicycling, the energy consumption of trucks in the Nordic Countries, travel time variability on highways, the impact of weather on the speed on highways.

In addition, I carry out some more operational duties updating the official Danish Transport Unit Prices and supplying data for car stock and mileage for emission calculations at DCE at Aarhus University.

Occasionally I act as a visiting teacher at DTU Transport.