Sara Monteiro Pires

Sara Monteiro Pires

Senior Researcher

National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

Research Group for Risk-Benefit

Technical University of Denmark


Building 201, room 116

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords Burden of Disease | Food safety | Source attribution | Risk assessment | Salmonella | Foodborne zoonoses

I am a DVM and a PhD in Epidemiology. I am a senior reseracher at the Epidemiology and Risk Modelling Group and the Division of Epidemiology and Microbial Genomics.



My main research is the epidemiology and control of foodborne diseases.  I have focused on developing methods for attributing the burden of foodborne diseases to the responsible sources, on surveillance of foodborne hazards, and on microbial risk assessment. I have developed source attribution methods for Denmark, and developed or assisted the development of methods for other European and non-European countries. Currently, I lead the Danish initiative to estimate the burden of food-associated diseases in Denmark (FoodBurden). I am a member of the WHO’s initiative to estimate the global burden of foodborne diseases (Foodborne Disease Epidemiology Reference Group (FERG)) and of the Global Foodborne Infections Network (GFN), and have been involved in other international projects, namely the EU’s network of excellence Med Vet Net, and EFSA working groups.


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