Patrizio Mariani

Patrizio Mariani

Senior Researcher

National Institute of Aquatic Resources

Section for Oceans and Arctic

Technical University of Denmark


Building 201, room 153

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords oceanography | ocean engineering | Ecology | Numerical methods and algorithms

Dr. Patrizio Mariani is Senior Researcher DTU and leads the group on Observation Technology at DTU Aqua, focusing on new autonomous systems supporting next generation of integrated marine ecosystem assessment. He holds a PhD (2005) and MSc (2000) in Marine Science and Engineering from the University of Naples. He is chair of the Steering Committee of EUROMARINE (European marine science network with 73 European Member Organizations) and main PI in several H2020 and EMFF projects. 
Field of interest: Numerical modelling, theoretical ecology, oceanography, automation and control, system integration
Teaching: Aquatic Field Work (25324)
Memebership: Chair of the Steering Committee of EUROMARINE (elected), Danish representative at the European Marine Board

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