John Paulin Hansen

John Paulin Hansen


Department of Technology, Management and Economics

Implementation and Performance Management Section
Innovation Division

Technical University of Denmark


Building 358, room 179

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords Human factors

John Paulin Hansen is a Bevica professor in the Technology and Innovation Management group at DTU. He got his PhD in 1992 from Institute of Psychology at The University of Aarhus. For eight years John worked at as part of the  Systems Analysis Department, at Risø National Laboratory and  for 15 years was associated professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, heading education programmes and research groups. 


His research areas are human factors and human computer interaction with a special focus on innovation, e-health and usability of new technology.  Much of the research and development work has focused on  the use of eye-tracking technology for disabled people, initiating the EU Network of excellence “Communication by Gaze Interaction” (COGAIN), with approximately 100 researchers participating. Three of his former PhD students formed a start-up company, The Eye Tribe, in 2011.  Together with this company John is currently working on innovative gaze tracking products in collaboration with LEGO and Serious Games Interactive, among others. 


The Bevica Foundation will support Johns professorship for 5 years, during which he will establish a research initiative “GazeIT” aiming to improve the quality of life for people with severe motor challenges by use of gaze and voice interaction for communication, mobility and smart home technologies.

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