Yifeng Zhang

Yifeng Zhang

Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Engineering

Technical University of Denmark


Building 115, room 214

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords Microbial interactions | Water resources recovery | Microbial electrochemistry | Wastewater treatment | Bioelectrochemical Biosensors | waste-derived nutrients recovery | Fermentation, Downsteream processing | Anaerobic digestion

Associate Professor at DTU Environment of Technical University of Denmark. Has a Master Degree in Environmental Engineering from Dalian University of Technology (China) and a Ph.D. from DTU. Main research focus are microbial electrochemical technologies and its integration with different coventional biological technologies such as anaerobic digestion and dark fermentation, for solving practical problems in environments. Key activies lie on exploration of innovative bioelectrochemical systems, nutrients recovery and wastewater treatment, biosenosr, biofuels synthesis from wastes and waste gases, biogas and hydrogen production, bioremediation, nitrogen removal from groundwater, water desalination etc. He has more than 75 ISI scientific publications and several conference presentations. Citiation is over 2900 and H index is 30 (Google Scholar).

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