Søren Bang Korsholm

Søren Bang Korsholm

Senior Researcher

Department of Physics

Technical University of Denmark


Building 309, room 143

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax +45 45 93 16 69
E-mail sbko@fysik.dtu.dk
ORCID 0000-0001-7160-8361

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27 SEP

450 high school students hear about fusion research

The  Danish national science festival  takes place every year in week 39. Like in the previous years, high school students could hear about the ideas behind and the status of fusion energy research. On Monday and Tuesday, Senior scientist Søren Bang Korsholm visited Egedal Gymnasium (Stenløse) and Rosborg Gymnasium (Vejle) and gave in...

06 AUG

DTU PPFE wins a large contract with Fusion for Energy

The contract will run until mid 2020, when the final design of the CTS diagnostic system for the world's largest fusion experiment ITER must be completed.  "This is a quite large research and development contract for PPFE extending over the next 2 years. In this period we must complete our design of the CTS system, developed in recent...

06 MAR

Big Success for BSBF

Big Science Business Forum creates a professional network for companies and research facilities 

24 JUL

PPFE members at ITER site

Meeting in Cadarache with ITER Organization team 

24 MAR

F4E presents ITER business opportunities to Danish industry

Danish as well as other European SMEs must take advantage of the valuable business opportunities that the ITER project offers – this was the message that F4E Director, Professor Henrik Bindslev, made during his intervention at the Big Science Secretariat Network meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

24 SEP

Fusion and ITER on Danish Television

Henrik Bindslev, director at Fusion for Energy (F4E), and Søren Bang Korsholm, senior scientist at the Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Section at DTU Physics and Danish Industrial Liaison Officer for F4E, participated in a feature program on fusion on Danish television last week.

Illustration: ITER
27 FEB

Danish measuring equipment to measure 200 million degrees plasma

DTU researchers have concluded the biggest Danish contract to date with ITER, the world's first major experimental fusion power plant.

Physics Energy
25 FEB

The CTS group in PPFE wins large FPA for ITER

PPFE is going to develop the CTS diagnostic for ITER that will have the primary objective to diagnose fast ion behavior across the plasma radius in ITER.

16 OCT

Fremtidens kraftværker kører på rumplasma

Interview with Søren Bang Korsholm in "Videnskabernes Verden" P1 Danish Radio on 15 October 2013 (in Danish only).

F4E people at the tokamak
01 JAN