Anand Natarajan

Anand Natarajan

Senior Researcher

Department of Wind Energy

Wind Energy Materials and Components

Technical University of Denmark

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 101, room S18

4000 Roskilde

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Keywords Loads Prediction, Probabilistic Design, Offshore Wind Energy, O&M

Focus Areas

•    Reliability, structural integrity and remaining useful life

•    Design Loads, probabilistic design and standardization

•    Applied statistics and long term design load computations

•    Offshore wind turbine design, including substructures such as monopiles, jackets and floaters

Project manager of several large cross functional research projects

FLoAtinG offSHore wInd oPtimization for commercialization (FLAGSHIP):  2020-2024, The main objective of the FLAGSHIP project is to validate and demonstrate an innovative cost-effective 10+MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine to ensure LCOE reduction in the range 40-60€/MWh by 2030, driven by economies of scale, competitive supply chains and a variety of innovations.

Data-Driven Probabilsitic Design (ProbWind): 2020-2023 The main focus of ProbWind is to deliver reductions of CAPEX due to less material needed for the structures, when data is exploited to reduce uncertainties on load effects and load bearing capacities.

Demonstration of Requirements for Life Extension of Wind Turbines beyond their Design Life (LifeWind): 2017-2019, This main objective is to demonstrate procedures that can quantify the risk of failure, the remaining structural reliability and the maintenance costs upon extending the life of operational wind turbines nearing their end of certified life.

Innovative Wind Conversion Systems (10-20MW) for offshore applications (INNWIND.EU) : Five year EU FP7 funded project with 27 partners, 2012-2017. Main focus on the development of innovative solutions for wind turbine design at the component and system level at 10+MW rating.

EUDP Project on Tall Wind Turbines : 2012-2014, Measurement of atmospheric inflow variations at 150m+ heights and impact on turbine loads. Design of new load cases for very large wind turbines.

EUDP Project on Offshore Wind Turbine Reliability through complete Loads Measurements 2011-2015 : Verification of offshore turbine simulated loads by complete loads measurements on a state of the art 3.6MW turbine in a large offshore wind farm

Danish DSF funded project on Reliability and durability of wind turbine drivetrain (REWIND) , 2011-2016:  Electromechanical modeling of wind turbine drivetrains and validated loads prediction inside the gearbox

EUDP funded project onOffshore wind farm Decommissioning (ODIN)”, 2014-2016: Development of probabilistic methods to predict the remaining life time of structures

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