Anand Natarajan

Anand Natarajan

Senior Researcher

Department of Wind Energy

Technical University of Denmark

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 115, room S17

4000 Roskilde

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Keywords Loads Prediction, Probabilistic Design, Offshore Wind Energy, O&M

Focus Areas

•    Offshore wind turbine structural design: Jackets, tubular towers and drivetrains

•    Design Loads, Reliability and Life prediction

•    Applied statistics for wind forecasting and long term design load computations

•    Ocean wave models for hydrodynamic load prediction

Project manager of several large cross functional research projects

Innovative Wind Conversion Systems (10-20MW) for offshore applications (INNWIND.EU) : Five year EU FP7 funded project with 27 partners, 2012-2017. Main focus on the development of innovative solutions for wind turbine design at the component and system level at 10+MW rating.

EUDP Project on Tall Wind Turbines : 2012-2014, Measurement of atmospheric inflow variations at 150m+ heights and impact on turbine loads. Design of new load cases for very large wind turbines.

EUDP Project on Offshore Wind Turbine Reliability through complete Loads Measurements 2011-2015 : Verification of offshore turbine simulated loads by complete loads measurements on a state of the art 3.6MW turbine in a large offshore wind farm

Danish DSF funded project on Reliability and durability of wind turbine drivetrain (REWIND) , 2011-2016:  Electromechanical modeling of wind turbine drivetrains and validated loads prediction inside the gearbox

EUDP funded project onOffshore wind farm Decommissioning (ODIN)”, 2014-2016: Development of probabilistic methods to predict the remaining life time of structures