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Anke Hagen


Department of Energy Conversion and Storage

Technical University of Denmark

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 775, room S19

4000 Roskilde

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14 MAR

Bringing hydrogen energy to the classroom

A new European project brings energy to the classroom by supporting hydrogen and fuel cells education in schools. FCHgo! will develop an educational toolkit for school children and enable them to grasp the issues involved in the coming energy transition of our society. DTU Energy is a partner in the effort. 

Energy Fuel cells Energy systems
PhD student Massimo Rosa (left) and Professor Vincenzo Esposito with the FCH JU award in front of the 3D printing equipment in the DTU Energy lab
21 NOV

DTU Energy in award-winning EU projects on fuel cells

When the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking celebrated 10 years of supporting research, development and demonstration of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe, two prizes for the most successful and innovative projects were awarded. DTU Energy is a partner in both.

Energy Fuel cells
12 MAR

13 years’ detective work resulted in doctorate

As one of the very few, Anke Hagen has conducted research into ceramic fuel cells which are an efficient means to produce power and use fuels from renewable energy sources.

Energy Fuel cells
22 JUN

European consortium will develop electrolysis for efficient storage of renewable energy

A new European research project coordinated by DTU Energy will develop and validate innovative electrolysis technologies to convert excess renewable electricity into methane which can be easily stored in the existing natural gas grid.

Energy Energy storage
28 APR

Danish ambassador visits DTU Energy at the Hannover Messe trade fair

The Danish ambassador in Germany, Friis Arne Petersen, visited DTU Energy at the Hannover Messe where he learned about the department and its test center for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

Energy Fuel cells
26 APR

Germany pushes forward in energy conversion

DTU Energy professor to advise large German research effort within energy conversion technologies.

Energy Energy storage
27 JAN

Two new professors gave inaugural lectures

Anke Hagen and Peter Holtappels has been appointed professors MSO at DTU Energy Conversion. They were congratulated by head of department Søren Linderoth, friends, families and colleagues.

13 DEC

Three new professors at DTU Energy Conversion

Anke Hagen, Peter Holtappels and Peter Vang Hendriksen from DTU Energy Conversion has been appointed Professor per 1. December 2013.

PhD student Massimo Rosa (left) and Professor Vincenzo Esposito with the FCH JU award in front of the 3D printing equipment in the DTU Energy lab
01 JAN