Jacob Østergaard

Jacob Østergaard

Professor, Head of Center

Department of Electrical Engineering

Technical University of Denmark


Building 325, room 125

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords Smart grid | Integration of wind power | Prosumers and flexible demand | Electricity grids | Smart energy networks | Electric power systems | Digitalization | Renewable energy | Integrated energy systems | Wind power

My research focus on the development of the future sustainable intelligent energy system with increased environmental friendly generation including wind energy. This include integration of different energy infrastructures into a single coherent energy system. The ambition is to offer innovative technological solutions using new technology within data, IT, communication and power and energy enabling a green growth to the benefit of the society and the industry.


I am daily head of Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) at DTU Electrical Engineering with approximately 100 staff members. The center covers the following fields: electric components (high voltage engineering, rotating machines, power electronics), distributed energy resources (storage, electric vehicles, PV), power systems (wind power integration, stability, control), energy system operation (smart energy, flexibility, aggregation) and analytics and markets (market designs, forecasting, energy data).


Selected other tasks:
Member of the Danish government's Energy Commission.
Head of PowerLabDK, experimental platform for power and energy, including Bornholm-activities.
Member of IEEE Spectrum Editorial Advorsory Board.
Initiator of the national Partnership for Smart Energy Networks.
Chair of IEEE Power and Energy Society, Danish Chapter (past).
Member of the Minister's Smart Grid Network (past).
Member of the Advisory Council of the EU technology platform SmartGrids (past)
Coordinator of the MSc-programme in Wind Energy, electric (past)

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