Rasmus Fjordbak Nielsen

Rasmus Fjordbak Nielsen

PhD student

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Technical University of Denmark

Søltofts Plads

Building 227, room 212

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Graphical tools for designing intensified distillation processes: Methods and applications

Nazemzadeh, Nima ; A. Udugama, Isuru ; Fjordbak Nielsen , Rasmus ; Meyer, Kristian ; Perez-Cisneros, Eduardo S. ; Sales-Cruz, Mauricio ; Huusom, Jakob Kjøbsted ; Abildskov, Jens ; Mansouri, Seyed Soheil
part of: Process Intensification: Design Methodologies , pages: 145–179, 2019, De Gruyter

Type: Book chapter (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2019     |    DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110596120-006


Novel strategies for predictive particle monitoring and control using advanced image analysis

Nielsen, Rasmus Fjordbak ; Arjomand Kermani, Nasrin ; Freiesleben, Louise la Cour ; Gernaey, Krist V. ; Mansouri, Seyed Soheil
part of: Proceedings of the 29th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, pages: 1435-1440, 2019, Elsevier
Presented at:
29th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering

Type: Article in proceedings (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2019     |    DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-818634-3.50240-X


Particle modelling using advanced image analysis and deep learning

Nielsen, R. F. ; Gernaey, K. V. ; Mansouri, S. S.
Presented at:
1st International Young Professionals Conference on Process Engineering (YCPE 2019)

Type: Conference abstract for conference (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2019


Integrated Process Design and Control of Cyclic Distillation Columns

Andersen, Bastian B. ; Nielsen, Rasmus F. ; Udugama, Isuru A. ; Papadakis, Emmanouil ; Gernaey, Krist V. ; Huusom, Jakob K. ; Mansouri, Seyed Soheil ; Abildskov, Jens
in: I F A C Workshop Series, vol: 51, issue: 18, pages: 542-547
Presented at:
10th IFAC Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes (ADCHEM 2018)

Type: Conference article (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2018     |    DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ifacol.2018.09.368


Driving Force Based Design of Cyclic Distillation

Nielsen, Rasmus Fjordbak ; Huusom, Jakob Kjøbsted ; Abildskov, Jens
in: Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, vol: 56, issue: 38, pages: 10833-10844

Type: Journal article (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2017     |    DOI: https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.iecr.7b01116