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18 SEP

Cells optimized to produce antimicrobial agents

With the help of ‘metabolic engineering’, researchers from DTU Biosustain are designing and optimizing microorganisms to produce new substances that can be developed into antimicrobial agents.

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13 JUL

The full Monty: CRISPR protocols for efficient engineering in Streptomyces

A comprehensive collection of CRISPR tools and protocols for engineering Streptomyces is now available in Nature Protocols.

09 OCT

CRISPR-BEST prevents genome instability

Scientists from The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability has developed CRISPR-BEST, a new genome editing tool for actinomycetes. It addresses the problem of genome instability caused by DNA double-stranded breaks in current CRISPR-technologies.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
10 MAY

Conference highlighted major questions and advances in natural products research

160 top scientists discussed and presented their work in the field of natural products research at big Copenhagen Bioscience Conference. The red hot topics were natural product discovery, pathway identification, and enzyme optimization.

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antiSMASH database
07 NOV

Hunt for interesting metabolites with antiSMASH database

Scientists who treasure hunt for interesting bacterial metabolites using the online tool antiSMASH now have the opportunity to use an antiSMASH database with pre-calculated results of nearly 25,000 bacterial genomes. This database will ease the discovery of antibiotics, pesticides, and anti-cancer drugs.

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31 OCT

Big Data Small Microbes - High Tech Summit 2018

The High Tech Summit with more than 4,000 attendees took place at the Campus of the Technical University 10-11 October. CeMiSt organized a track on big data in microbial community studies. The track was a total success, full room with many people standing and a panel of speakers from industry and academia

Tilmann HTS
09 OCT

Professor Tilmann Weber on High Tech Summit: I look forward to extending my network!

High Tech Summit is being launched tomorrow. Professor Tilmann Weber is giving a Tech Talk and hopes to extend his network amongst the 4000 visitors.

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16 MAR

Tilmann Weber receives Professor title

Tilmann Weber has officially received the Professor title.

Antibiotic resistance
15 JUN

Scientists solve 30-year old mystery on how resistance genes spread

Scientists have revealed that certain disease-causing bacteria get their resistance genes in a complex process involving bacterial ‘sex’. This new knowledge can potentially lead to a more targeted effort in counteracting the spread of antibiotic resistance

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Click chemistry - 2017 Coverpage Musiol-Kroll ACS SYNBIO
04 APR

Scientists discover how to make ‘click-on’ antibiotics

An international team of scientists have shown that they can modify a well-known antibiotic into new derivatives. The technique paves the way for new antibiotics, which can easily be assembled inside microbes using so-called “click chemistry”.

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Main entrance to DTU. Photo: Vibeke Hempler
26 JAN

Millions for research into antibiotic resistance and better drugs

In a press release issued today, the Novo Nordisk Foundation reveals that it is grating a total of DKK 300 million (EUR 40 million) to five ambitious research projects on antimicrobial resistance and the development of better drugs. DTU heads up three of the five projects, which will each receive DKK 60 million (EUR 8 million) from the...

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Tilmann Weber
26 JAN

Research program on new antibiotics receives 58 M DKK

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted 58 Million DKK for a big research program aiming at discovering new antibiotics. The battle against antibiotic resistance is on.

Bacteria and microorganisms Biological systems Cells Enzymes and proteins Fermentation Genes and genomes Synthetic biology
Tilmann Weber
21 JUL

Out now: Special issue edited by DTU Biosustain Researcher

How do you discover unknown bio-active molecules with important medical or health effects? And how do you detect and engineer cells to produce big amounts of it? Tilmann Weber, Co-Principal Investigator at DTU Biosustain has edited a special issue of Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology, which address these questions. And the answer often...

Bacteria and microorganisms Biological systems Cells Enzymes and proteins Fermentation Genes and genomes Synthetic biology