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Doctor testing patient for Covid-19
22 APR

DTU researchers produce enzymes needed for corona tests

In a very short amount of time, researchers at DTU have succeeded in producing enzymes that are used in corona tests.

Viruses Enzymes and proteins Synthetic biology Fermentation Genes and genomes Health and diseases
10 FEB

Student paves the way for a new generation of spider antivenom

Using an innovative method, MSc student Sofie Føns has taken the first step towards developing the world’s first spider antivenom based on human antibodies.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
Baby med astmainhalator
06 FEB

Blood test reveals infant risk of developing asthma

In a new study, researchers from DTU and the research unit for childhood asthma COPSAC have—as the first in the world—shown that immune system responses in children as young as 18 months can be used to predict the risk of them developing intermittent or persistent asthma.

Rute NEves and John McCafferty
17 DEC

DTU Bioengineering strengthens its ties to industry

With the appointment of two affiliated professors from Chr. Hansen and IONTAS, DTU Bioengineering strengthens its ties to industry and gains valuable support for the strategic development of the department.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
Fotos fra konferencen
22 NOV

Industry and universities met to discuss how to use biotechnology to engineer a sustainable future

More than 250 participants from universities, organizations, and industry met last week at DTU to discuss how to use biotechnology to engineer a new sustainable future.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Elderly man smiling to young female doctor
30 OCT

Researchers discover a way to turn Parkinson protein on itself

Researchers have found a way to create a super-inhibitor that effectively stops the development of Parkinsons by using the Parkinson disease itself as an active building block.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
DTU Bioengineering department symposium
18 SEP

Biotechnology can create a sustainable future

In the upcoming one-day symposium, Bioengineering in food and feed production, DTU Bioengineering bring together industry and academia to highlight biotechnology as a powerful tool to engineer a sustainable future.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food, fish and agriculture
Andreas Hougaard Laustsen
02 SEP

Researchers develop new methods for designing therapeutic antibodies

Researchers at DTU are boosting the development of new methods for designing medicines based on human antibodies. These types of medicine can be used to treat cancer, autoimmune diseases, multiresistant bacteria, and snakebite envenoming.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
To børn i laboratorie
02 JUL

DKK 2.4 Million to spread the enthusiasm for biotechnology

The Novo Nordisk Foundation grants DKK 2.4 Million to ensure students in primary and secondary schools free educational materials in biotechnology from DTU.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Child eating spruce
24 MAY

Eat wood to promote health and combat disease

Should we literally start eating our Christmas trees? A new study published in Nature Communications suggest just that.

Andreas Hougaard Laustsen
28 JAN

Young researcher receives 10 M DKK to develop antivenom

The grant will be used to develop the first generation of snakebite antivenom based on fully human antibodies.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Health and diseases
Female researcher showing a lab-on-a-chip device
22 JAN

Nanotech boosts research and innovation in biotech and biomedicine

DTU boosts research and innovation in biotechnology and biomedicine by expanding DTU Bioengineering with three research groups from DTU Nanotech.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Micro and nanotechnology
Black mamba
02 OCT

Breaktrough in snake envenoming

Research breakthrough in antivenom based on human antibodies can save lives.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
26 JUN

The biotech industry should change production methods

DTU researchers encourage the biotech industry to switch production away from pure cell cultures to genetically engineered microbial societies.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
29 JAN

New analysis method reveals organisms' good and bad potentials

A PhD student at DTU Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine has developed a new method which enables faster determination of organisms’ potential to produce certain substances. The results can be used to create new and better cell factories more rapidly and can reveal pathogenicity in organisms we thought were harmless.

22 MAY

Tre bevillinger fra DFF til forskere på DTU Bioengineering

Med tre bevillinger fra Det Frie Forskningsråd på i alt 13,6 millioner vil forskere på DTU Bioengineering lave supersvampe ved at sende skimmelsvampe på slankekur, modvirke antibiotikaresistens ved at udvikle nye bioaktive stoffer fra havets mikro-organismer samt tænde for slukkede gener i skimmelsvampe for...

Biotechnology and biochemistry
23 JAN

Leading-edge protein researcher moves his research to DTU Bioengineering

How do complex protein networks interact to create skin and heal it following injury? What happens to these networks in skin that is inflamed or won’t heal properly? These are the major questions that Ulrich auf dem Keller will address with the DKK 20 million Novo Nordisk Foundation Young Investigator Award that he has been selected...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Health and diseases Health-promoting compounds