Christine Ipsen

Christine Ipsen

Associate Professor

DTU Management

Management Science

Technical University of Denmark


Building 358, room 119

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords Knowledge management | Participatory Action Research | work-related stress | Organizational Design | Knowledge work | Organizational interventions | Organizational Development | Process evaluatiaon | Psycho-social working life

Christine Ipsen is associated professor at DTU Management Engineeringand, group leeader of the "Implementation and Performance" group t the Technical University of Denmark.

She is specialized in development of knowledge work to ensure producitivity and well-being and has written a large number of publications about participatory interventions in knowledge work, knowledge sharing and knowledge management.

Her research adresses the needs of managers and employees in knowledge intensive work and advances the knowledge about the how to develop knowledge work, processes and management based on in-house tacit and explicit knowledge and the challenges and benefits it causes in the effort to ensure productivity and well-being. 

In 2012 shed became head of the DTU Management Engineering PhD school. Christine is masters of Science (2001) and received her PhD (2007) for her study of the characteristics of knowledge work.  

Current research interest:

knowledge work: consultancies and IT work

Knowledge management and Human Factors

Knowledge Sharing

management and leadership

Organizational design

development of work processes in knowledge work

Multi-level participatory Organizational Interventions

Globalization and Working

Distance management and work