DTU Ørsted Lecture med Gérard Mourou

DTU Ørsted Lecture med Gérard Mourou

Tid og sted: 1. oktober 2020, kl.16-17.30 i bygning 303A, aud. 42 & 43 (streaming).

Titel: Searching for Extreme Light


Extreme-light laser is a universal source providing a vast range of high energy radiations and particles along with the highest field, highest pressure, temperature and acceleration. It offers the possibility to shed light on some of the remaining unanswered questions in fundamental physics like the genesis of cosmic rays with energies in excess of 1020 eV or the loss of information in black-holes. Using wake-field acceleration some of these fundamental questions could be studied in the laboratory. In addition extreme-light makes possible the study of the structure of vacuum and particle production in "empty" space which is one of the field’s ultimate goal, reaching into the fundamental QED and possibly QCD regimes. 

Looking beyond today’s intensity horizon, we will introduce a new concept that could make possible the generation of attosecond-zeptosecond high energy coherent pulse, de facto in x-ray domain, opening at the Schwinger level, the zettawatt, and PeV regime; the next chapter of laser-matter interaction.

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tor 01 okt 20
16:00 - 17:30



DTU Lyngby Campus, building 303A, Aud. 42 & 43 (streaming)