Doktorforsvar Mirko Salewski

Associate Professor Mirko Salewski, DTU Physics, will defend his doctoral thesis, “Fast-ion diagnostic in fusion plasmas by velocity-space tomography"

Until now measurements of velocity distribution functions could not be done. The velocity-space tomography approach put forward in this thesis allows this measurement and thereby studies of the behavior of fast ions in fusion plasmas at an unprecedented level of detail.

Velocity distribution functions of ions in high-performance fusion plasmas can deviate substantially from simple Maxwellian distributions. They can be strongly anisotropic or have local maxima at velocities larger than the thermal velocities. The distribution functions of the fast ions in the plasma are often the key to understanding heating, current drive, and various plasma instabilities. The measurement of fast-ion velocity distribution functions is therefore crucial to operate high-performance plasmas for eventually harvesting energy. 

Read Mirko Salewski’s thesis online or contact the doctoral candidate for a physical copy.

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The defence is followed by a reception in the foyer outside meeting room 1. 



tor 16 jan 20
14:00 - 18:00



DTU Lyngby Campus
Anker Engelunds Vej
building 101 A, Meeting room 1, 1st. floor
2800 Kgs. Lyngby


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