Meet DTU Compute: Professor Anders Bjorholm Dahl


12:30-13:00 Lunch + networking

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Speaker: Professor Anders Bjorholm Dahl, Image Analysis & Computer Graphics, DTU Compute


Title: Quantitative 3D Image Analysis


Abstract: We have established QIM: The Center for Quantification of Imaging Data from MAX IV, which is a research center that focuses on analysis methods for volumetric microscope imaging data. Such data will make the basis for a large number of experiments at large-scale facilities such as the MAX IV synchrotron and European Spallation Source, both placed in Lund in Sweden. In addition to these instruments, we have established the 3D Imaging Center at DTU, where we have 11 new laboratories with X-ray micro-CT instruments in the new building 310. These instruments produce large quantities of unique volumetric images, typically in the size range 1000 – 3000 cubed voxels. We aim to quantify 3D structures in these images that are characterized by their large size, high complexity, and uniqueness. These characteristics are central in our research within automated image analysis methods. I will present our work in this area, how it relates to other research activities in our section and set this in perspective to how the science within imaging at the large-scale research facilities can drive research in quantitative image analysis.


fre 08 nov 19
12:30 - 14:00


DTU Compute


DTU Compute, Matematiktorvet building 303A, aud.041, Lyngby Campus.