Meet DTU Compute: Professor Morten Mørup

At DTU Compute we have the lecture series called “Meet DTU Compute” with the intention of giving everybody an opportunity to hear good researchers from DTU Compute give friendly introductions to hot research topics.

The Meet DTU Compute lecture will be given on December 02 at 13:00 – 14:00  

Speaker: Professor Morten Mørup, Cognitive Systems, DTU Compute

Title: Machine Learning and the Human Connectome
Abstract: What is machine learning and how can machine learning methods be used to understand our perhaps most intriguing organ – the human brain? This talk will give a general introduction to machine learning. From the importance of predictive assessment and the use of Bayesian inference for uncertainty characterization and model complexity quantification to how machine learning is affecting society. In particular, the talk will highlight how machine learning methods can be used to analyze non-invasive neuroimaging data quantifying the connections between brain areas forming the human connectome. From learning the organization of functional and structural brain networks at the macro scale to identifying connectivity based biomarkers of cognitive decline.

Everyone is welcome!

The talk will take place in ZOOM, here:


ons 02 dec 20
13:00 - 14:00


DTU Compute