Webinar: Board leadership in companies driven by sustainability and SDGs

Do you want to know what it’s like to work in a startup or scale-up board that have high sustainability ambitions and want to contribute to the SDGs?

A board of a sustainable-driven company can operate different from boards in traditional companies. Compatible and open mindsets and competencies from board members are crucial for a successful collaboration.  Join us at this webinar to learn more about what really happens in the board room.

At this event, you will meet panelists; Francesco Rosati, Mette Annelie Rasmussen, Robert Dichtl, Jes Broeng, and Thomas J. Howard,as they present what they expect from boards in startups, scale-ups and SMEs and what you need to be prepared for as a board member when working in a board driven by delivering sustainable services and solutions to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At this webinar you will get:

  • Insights into the expectations to a board driven by SDGs
  • Learn about board work in startups and scale-ups and SMEs
  • Knowledge about board leadership development
  • An overview of the programme structure
  • Answers to your questions



17:00 Welcome and introduction to DTU Board Education

17:15 Presentation of panellists

17:25: Panel debate and Q&A

18:00: The webinar ends





man 29 nov 21
17:00 - 18:00


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