Meet DTU Compute: Assistant professor Laura Alessandretti

At DTU Compute, we have the lecture series called “Meet DTU Compute” with the intention of giving everybody an opportunity to hear good colleagues from DTU Compute give friendly introductions to hot research topics.


The next Meet DTU Compute lecture will be on 19.05.2022 at 12:30-13:30


Speaker: Assistant professor Laura Alessandretti, Section for Cognitive Systems, DTU Compute


Title: Modelling Individual Mobility Behavior

From choosing a restaurant for dinner, to deciding whether to cycle or drive, spatial decisions are ubiquitous in human day-to-day lives. Taken together, these choices underlie critical societal phenomena, including the spread of epidemics, traffic congestion, and the emergence of urban segregation. In this talk, I will present recent discoveries on the mechanisms underlying individual mobility behavior, made possible by the study of comprehensive, high-resolution mobility data. The talk will touch upon key aspects in mobility, such as the interplay between exploration and exploitation, the effect of cognitive constraints, the relation between social and spatial behavior, the effect of spatial scales, and differences across genders and age groups. I will conclude with a perspective on open questions and future directions.


Everybody is welcome to attend.


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Meet DTU Compute lecture, Laura Alessandretti



tor 19 maj 22
12:30 - 13:30


DTU Compute



DTU, building 303a, aud. 43