Jeppe Rich


Jeppe Rich

Institut for Teknologi, Ledelse og Økonomi

Division for Transport


Bygning 358 Rum 188

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





Main interests are within the area of statistical and mathematical modelling applied to transport related problems. In particular; Transport demand modelling: Has been involved in a number of large-scale transport demand modelling projects - commercial as well as research based. This includes ALTRANS, GORM, GREENLAND TGM, and TRANSTOOLS.  Random Utility Theory and Discrete choice models: Have solid experience in the estimation, application, and data processing with respect to discrete choice models. Freight transport modelling: Have been working with freight transport modelling based on computable generalised equilibrium models, but also from a micro-econometric perspective. Cost-benefit assessment: General interest in and knowledge of cost-benefit assessment of infrastructure projects and road-pricing schemes. Interest include tax distortion effects, consumer-surplus derivation, and cost-estimation. Strategic models: Have worked with long-term demand models and strategic models in transport. This includes models for residential location, workplace, as well as car ownership.