Summer School in Photovoltaics 2020

The International Summer School on Organic, Perovskite and Building Integrated Photovoltaics welcomes PhD students from all over the world. The event is coarranged by the photovoltaic research teams at DTU Fotonik, Risø Campus and at the Mads Clausens Institute at SDU campus Sønderborg. The school primarily addresses PhD students but others can attend.

Invited speakers, all recognized scientists from leading world laboratories, will give lectures covering topics from fundamental principles of conversion of solar energy into electrical energy as well as their technological applications in photovoltaics devices. Also maintenance of PV systems are covered.

More information and sign-up on: The PV Summer School website.

The Summer School is part of DTUs course portfolio and can be found in the online course handbook under 34193 Advanced Concepts in Photovoltaics.


man 24 aug 20 8:30 -
fre 28 aug 20 18:00


DTU Fotonik