PhD Defence by Ignacio Vidal Pérez - "Through-Thickness Damage Timeline of Fiber Composites under Dynamic Loading"

The use of lightweight composite materials in civilian structures has been growing since the 1950s. Pioneered by the aviation industry, composites have penetrated almost every market niche where high stiffness/strength-to-weight ratios are an asset. These applications often entail that the materials are subjected to quasi-static loads, for which the behaviour of the material is well known. This is not the case when the materials are subjected to high-speed loads, also known as dynamic loads. This Ph.D. thesis aims at improving the understanding of the material behaviour, especially the damage onset and progression through the thickness of composite panels destined to be used in light armoured vehicles. Such vehicles are subjected to near-field blasts and ballistic impacts, while deployed in active conflicts zones. Such threats generate high strain-rate deformations that need to be analysed and understood. This Ph.D. thesis describes a new experimental setup for testing such materials under dynamic conditions. The thesis also contains the analysis of a test campaign carried out on thick E-Glass/LPET monolithic composite specimens along with a numerical and analytical simulation aimed at assessing the dynamic effect on the mechanical properties of interfaces in composite materials.

Main supervisor:
Associate Professor Christian Berggreen, DTU Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor Jørgen Asbøll Kepler, Aalborg University
Rasmus Normann Wilken Eriksen, IDTCE Research ApS
Senior Researcher Helmuth Langmaack Toftegaard, DTU Wind Energy

Associate Professor Brian Nyvang Legarth, DTU Mechanical Engineering
Professor John Philip Dear, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Professor Peter Bull, Swedish Defence University, Sweden

Researcher Jacob Paamand Waldbjørn, DTU Mechanical Engineering


fre 21 aug 20
13:00 - 17:00


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Building 308, Auditorium 11
Technical University of Denmark