Hanne Løje

Hanne Løje


Center for Diplomingeniøruddannelse

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Bygning Ballerup, rum E2.11

2750 Ballerup

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Nøgleord Undervisning | Innovation | Fødevarekvalitet | mikroskopi | Projektstyring | Fødevareteknologi | Multivariat databehandling

Present I am employed as a teaching academic consultant at the course "Innovation Pilot" at DTU. The course is a mandatory course for all Bachelor of Engineering students at DTU on the 5th and 6th semester. The course has focus on applied interdisciplinary innovation in collaboration with companies. The course is based on blended learning, teamwork, and on the use of real life cases from the industry.

My primary task is to be the coordinator for the course, with the responsibility for development and maintenance of the curriculum for the course - as well as establishing the further development and planning of the course. Furthermore, I am responsible for the introduction course (3 days) for the innovation pilot facilitators.

I have a deep interest in educational development and development of teaching activities. A special interest for me is the development of innovation and entrepreneurship competencies among students in large classes and how to educate and motivate large classes of students. 
These results are documented in papers and proceedings at national and international conferences.

I have a background as food scientist (Ph.D.) and I have been associate professor in food technology at DTU and contact person for the bachelor education “Food and nutrition” and internships coordinator for the education Food safety and quality”.