Philip John Binning

Philip John Binning

Senior Vice President, Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs

Afdelingen for Uddannelse og Studerende

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

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Bygning 101, rum 1.212

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Nøgleord Afværgeteknologier | Vand i Byer | Strømning og stoftransport i porøs media | risiko vurdering af grundvands forurening | Vandressourcer | Grundvand | Forurening | Miljøteknisk modellering

Senior Vice President and part of the 7 member DTU Executive

Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs at DTU, with responsibility for:

• MSc degrees: 31 DTU Masters degrees, 31 international dual MSc degrees
• PhD degrees: 450 enrolments/yr
• Post Graduate Continuing Education: Turnover of approx €7 million/yr
• International Affairs: Strategic alliances and 180 partnerships

Philip Binning is Professor in contaminant transport modeling in porous media and has had major research projects on catchment scale contaminated site risk assessment including the coupling between ground water and surface water, contaminant transport and enhanced bioremediation of fractured clay aquitards, and urban water supply and management. He was Head of Education at DTU Environment, and was the 2005 recipient of the best lecturer prize at DTU.

He has published 1 book, 97 international refereed journal publications, and is reviewer for more than 30 international journals and 9 international research councils. His work is widely used in practice, for example by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in their contaminated site risk assessment models. He has supervised 17 completed PhDs who work in industry and academia throughout the world.