Marie Münster

Marie Münster

Professor MSO

Institut for Teknologi, Ledelse og Økonomi

Sektion for Energy Systems Analysis
Division for Bæredygtighed

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Bygning 424, rum 012

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


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DTU nyheder



1995 - 2000
M.Sc. Engineering - Energy Planning, Aalborg University
2006 - 2009
PhD Energy System Analysis, Aalborg University/ Risø DTU

Akademiske Grader

PhD Civilingeniør Energiplanlægning


2000 - 2006
Rambøll, Consultant
2006 - 2009
Aalborg University/ Risø DTU, PhD Candidate
2009 - 2010
Risø DTU, Research Assistant
2010 - 2012
Risø DTU/ DTU MAN, Researcher
2012 - Current
DTU MAN - Risø, Senior Researcher


Danish, English, Spanish, German


Since 2000, Marie Münster has worked within the fields of energy planning and renewable energy technologies. From 2000-2006 she worked as a consultant specializing in energy planning and renewable energy, among other things in connection with the large biogas plant, Måbjerg at Holstebro. From 2006 she has been involved in energy research. Marie Münster has acquired extensive experience within the field of national energy modeling (Balmorel, EnergyPLAN, STREAM) with focus on Waste-to-Energy technologies producing heat, power and transport fuels and on analyses of the role of district heating in future energy systems. Her PhD focused on energy system analyses of Waste-to-Energy technologies and here she contributed to the development of Balmorel and EnergyPLAN with regard to representation of waste.

Marie Münster currently participates in a number of research projects involving energy system analysis. Among these she is the Deputy Project Leader in the research project “TOPWASTE” aiming at improving use of waste for energy and recycling. Marie Münster also participates in different teaching and supervision activities at DTU. Most notably she is a Course Responsible for the Master course "Feasibility Studies and System Assessment of Energy Technologies".

International erfaring

Marie Münster has extensive international experience from her professional career: During her research work, she has cooperated with international partners in Danish, Nordic and European research projects. She also contributes regularly to international conferences in her field of research. This has ensured a strong international network, particularly to fellow researchers from international research institutions. This supplements her international network formed while working as a consultant in Rambøll with projects in Ghana, Latvia and the Nordic countries. The studies for her Master degree were carried out during a three months’ period in Costa Rica. Prior to that, she participated in a study tour to Tanzania and spent a period of studies in South Africa.

Anden information

Marie Münster is a member of the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) and a former member of the Programme Committee on Sustainable Energy and Environment under the Danish Strategic Research Council.