Simon Bolwig

Simon Bolwig


Institut for Teknologi, Ledelse og Økonomi

UNEP DTU Partnership
UNEP DTU Partnership - Technology - Transitions & System Innovation

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Marmorvej 51

Bygning FN Byen, rum 3.7.49

2100 København Ø


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Nøgleord | Global value chains, technological innovation, sustainability transitions, renewable energy, energy efficiency, bioeconomy, agro-food, environmental standards, climate change mitigation, climate policy integration, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe

Simon Bolwig, is Senior Researcher at UNEP DTU Partnership, DTU Management, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He holds a PhD in Geography from the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, 1999. He carries out research on sustainable energy, climate change, circular bioeconomy, and agro-food systems. He has done research in European as well as in African countries, and has contributed to literatures on sustainability transitions, technological innovation systems, policy integration, global value chain studies, and development studies. He was Lead Author on the IPCC AR5 report Mitigation of Climate Change Mitigation (2014). Aside research, he teaches courses on sustainability challenges, supervises PhD students at DTU and at universities in Ghana, and has developed a course on sustainability management for the DTU eMBA. Simon was leading a research group on climate change and sustainable development from 2013-2019. Prior to DTU, he worked at the Danish Institute of International Studies (2004-2009) and at the International Food Policy Research Institute (2000-2004) and was out-posted in Uganda during 2000-2003.

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