René Wugt Larsen

René Wugt Larsen


Institut for Kemi

Kemi: Faculty
Fysisk og Biofysisk Kemi: IR- og THz- spektroskopi

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Bygning 206, rum 066

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


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Nøgleord Intermolecular Interactions, Hydrogen Bonding, Vibrational Spectroscopy (THz and IR), Cluster Molecules, Quantum Chemical Modeling

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications


[67] H. Chen, L. Voigt, M. Kubus, D. Mihrin, S. Mossin, R. Wugt Larsen, S. Kegnæs, S. Piligkos and K. S. Pedersen, "Magnetic Archimedean Tessellations in Metal-Organic Frameworks", Journal of the American Chemical Society 143, 14041-14045 (2021). Inside Front Cover Read/Download


[66] L. Voigt, R. Wugt Larsen, M. Kubus and K. S. Pedersen, "Zero-Valent Metals in Metal-Organic Frameworks: fac-M(CO)3(pyrazine)3/2", Chemical Communications 57, 3861-3864 (2021). Read/Download


[61] M. G. Vinum, L. Voigt, S. H. Hansen, C. Bell, K. M. Clark, R. Wugt Larsen and K. S. Pedersen, "Ligand Field-Actuated Redox-Activity of Acetylacetonate", Chemical Science 11, 8267-8272 (2020). Read/Download [Open Access, CC BY 3.0]


[59] J. Andersen, R. Wugt Larsen, J. Ceponkus, P. Uvdal and B. Nelander, "Far-Infrared Investigation of the Benzene-Water Complex: The Identification of Large-Amplitude Motion and Tunneling Pathways", Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124, 513-519 (2020). Read/Download


[56] D. Mihrin, P. W. Jakobsen, A. Voute, L. Manceron and R. Wugt Larsen, "High-Resolution Infrared Synchrotron Investigation of (HCN)2 and a Semi-Experimental Determination of the Dissociation Energy". ChemPhysChem 20, 3238-3244 (2019). [Open Access, CC BY 3.0] Selected for "2019 edition of SOLEIL Highlights" Read/Download


[53] D. Mihrin, J. Andersen, P. W. Jakobsen and R. Wugt Larsen, "Highly Localized H2O Librational Motion as a Sensitive Far-Infrared Spectroscopic Probe for Microsolvation of Organic Molecules". Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21, 1717-1723 (2019). Read/Download


[52] D. Mihrin and R. Wugt Larsen, "THz Spectroscopy of Weakly Bound Cluster Molecules in Solid Para-Hydrogen: A Sensitive Probe of van der Waals Interactions". Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21, 349-358 (2019). Read/Download


[51] D. Mihrin, P. W. Jakobsen, A. Voute, L. Manceron and R. Wugt Larsen, "High-Resolution Synchrotron Terahertz Investigation of the Large-Amplitude Hydrogen Bond Librational Band of (HCN)2". Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20, 8241-8246 (2018). 2018 PCCP HOT Article Read/Download


[50] J. Andersen, A. Voute, D. Mihrin, J. Heimdal, R. W. Berg, M. Torsson and R. Wugt Larsen, "Probing the Global Potential Energy Minimum of (CH2O)2 : THz Absorption Spectrum of (CH2O)2 in Solid Neon and Para-Hydrogen". Journal of Chemical Physics 146, 244311 (2017). Read/Download


[49] J. Andersen, J. Heimdal, B. Nelander and R. Wugt Larsen, "Competition between Weak OH··π and CH··O Hydrogen Bonds: THz Spectroscopy of the C2H2–H2O and C2H4–H2O Complexes". Journal of Chemical Physics 146, 194302 (2017). Read/Download


[47] M. Heger, J. Andersen, M. A. Suhm and R. Wugt Larsen, "The Donor OH Stretching-Libration Dynamics of Hydrogen-Bonded Methanol Dimers in Cryogenic Matrices". Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 3739 (2016). Read/Download [Open Access, CC BY 3.0]


[46] J. Andersen, J. Heimdal and R. Wugt Larsen, "Spectroscopic Identification of Ethanol-Water Conformers By Large-Amplitude Hydrogen Bond Librational Modes". Journal of Chemical Physics 143, 224315 (2015). Read/Download


[45] J. Andersen, J. Heimdal and R. Wugt Larsen, "The Influence of Large-Amplitude Librational Motion on the Hydrogen Bond Energy of Alcohol-Water Complexes". Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  17, 23761 (2015). Read/Download [Open Access, CC BY 3.0]


[44] F. Kollipost, J. Andersen, D. W. Mahler, J. Heimdal, M. Heger, M. A. Suhm and R. Wugt Larsen, "The Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on Torsional Dynamics: A Combined Far-Infrared Jet and Matrix Isolation Study of Methanol Dimer". Journal of Chemical Physics 141, 174314 (2014). Read/Download


[43] J. Andersen, J. Heimdal, D. W. Mahler, B. Nelander and R. Wugt Larsen,  "THz Absorption Spectrum of the CO2–H2O Complex: Observation and Assignment of Intermolecular van der Waals Vibrations". Journal of Chemical Physics 140, 091103 (2014). Read/Download


[40] F. Kollipost, R. Wugt Larsen, A. V. Domanskaya, M. Nörenberg and M. A. Suhm, "The Highest Frequency Hydrogen Bond Vibration and an Experimental Value for the Dissociation Energy of Formic Acid Dimer". Journal of Chemical Physics 136, 151101 (2012). Read/Download


[37] M. Nedic, T. N. Wassermann, R. Wugt Larsen and M. A. Suhm, "A Combined Raman and Infrared Jet Study of Mixed Methanol-Water and Ethanol-Water Clusters". Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13, 14050 (2011). Themed Issue: Weak Hydrogen Bonds – Strong Effects. Read/Download

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