Introduction to Image Analysis - show your face

If you have always been fascinated by images and how they appear, join this exercise and you will become a wizard at Image Analysis!

The objective of the exercise is to introduce the students to the subject of image analysis and to show them the many applications that it has in the real world, from agriculture to medicine.

The exercise will be performed in MATLAB with the help of the Image Processing Toolbox. Some schools might provide a free license. Otherwise, a 30 days free trial is available for download at and

Students should bring their own laptops, possibly with a front camera.


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  • Tirsdag d. 9. marts (13-17) og onsdag d. 10. marts (9-17)

Varighed: 2 dage

Antal deltagere: 9

Sprog: Engelsk

Relevante gymnasiefag

Eksperimentelt relevante fag:

  • Fysik
  • Matematik

Kan kombineres med:

  • Biologi
  • Bioteknologi
  • Geovidenskab
  • Naturgeografi

Arrangør og adresse

DTU Space

Lyngby Campus


Annemette Brydensholt
Administrativ medarbejder
DTU Space
45 25 97 25