Measuring human hearing with different tests and techniques

The human ear and hearing: you will investigate the anatomy and function of your own ear and hearing status with different tests and techniques in our hearing lab.

In this exercise, you will learn about the human ear and different hearing tests that can be performed to examine human hearing. You will use the equipment available in our hearing lab.

To accommodate for the COVID situation, we can only allow 6 students per exercise, who will be split up into two groups of 3 students to allow for proper social distancing. If the COVID situation further worsens, a full online alternative will unfortunately not be possible, since we need the equipment in the lab.

Please bring a memory stick to the exercise.


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Øvelsen udbydes ad en omgang og varer to dage:

  • Torsdag d. 4. marts og fredag d. 5. marts.

Varighed: 2 dage, 13-17

Antal deltagere: 12

Sprog: Engelsk

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  • Biologi
  • Bioteknologi
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  • Biologi
  • Bioteknologi
  • Fysik

Arrangør og adresse

Lyngby Campus


Maaike Charlotte Van Eeckhoutte
DTU Sundhedsteknologi