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Upon arrival

CPR number

If you will stay in Denmark for more than 3 months, you must register with the national registration office and receive a CPR number (social security number).

Health insurance

Once you have received your CPR number, you will be covered by the Danish public health insurance system, which is taxpayer-funded. Medical treatment is therefore provided at no extra cost.


Danish taxes fund one of the strongest welfare systems in the world, allowing for free education and medical care, reliable public transportation and a strong security net.

Depending on your qualifications and the terms of your employment, you may qualify for either the Ordinary Tax Scheme or the Researcher Tax Scheme.

International Faculty Services can provide general information on the Danish tax system.

Researcher Tax Scheme

Bank account, NemKonto & NemID

Your monthly salary will be transferred electronically to your Danish bank account.

When you open your bank account, you will need to ask your bank to order a NemID (secure login) and designate your account as your NemKonto. Your account will then be connected to your CPR number, and all payments from the public sector will be transferred to this account.



e-Boks is a free and secure digital mailbox where you will receive all your important mail, including your payslip. 

All individuals in Denmark are required to have an e-Boks account in order to receive mail from the public sector.



You are covered by a compulsory employers' liability insurance while at work, but we urge you to take out private home and accident insurance to cover you in your free time.

General information about insurance options in Denmark

International Introduction Programme

DTU offers a mandatory introduction programme for all international employees and PhD students. Learn more about the university, as well as important information regarding your terms of employment, taxes, and more.

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