Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Assistant Professor in Biophysical Characterization of Peptides/Proteins and Liposomal Drug Delivery Systems DTU Health Technology 18 JAN 19
Product Manager, Laboratory Information Management Center for Biosustainability 18 JAN 19
PhD scholarship in Organometallic Catalysis for Sustainability DTU Chemistry 18 JAN 19
Studentermedhjælper til projekt-controlling Budget and Accounting 20 JAN 19
Postdoc in Surveillance Epidemiology DTU Food 20 JAN 19
Postdoc in Enzymology DTU Bioengineering 20 JAN 19
Professor in Innovation and Integrated Micro- and Nano Technological Systems DTU Bioengineering 21 JAN 19
Assistant Professor in Food Production Engineering DTU Food 22 JAN 19
Postdoc in Geomagnetism and Inverse Problems DTU Space 22 JAN 19
Postdoc in Image Analysis for Autonomous Systems and Quality Inspection DTU Compute 23 JAN 19
PhD scholarship in Antibody Discovery DTU Bioengineering 25 JAN 19
Projektindkøber til Koncernindkøb Budget and Accounting 26 JAN 19
Administrative Assistant DTU Physics 28 JAN 19
Postdoc in Predictive Dairy Microbiology DTU Food 28 JAN 19
Research Assistant in Bioinformatic Infrastructure DTU Food 29 JAN 19