Cisse Hedegaard Porsby

Cisse Hedegaard Porsby


Department of Systems Biology

Technical University of Denmark

Anker Engelunds Vej

Building 301, room 216

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Keywords Food microbiology | Listeria monocytogenes | Bacterial physiology and ecology | Marine Roseobacter clade bacteria

I hold a PhD in microbiology and now I am a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the National Food Institute in the Bacterial Ecophysiology and Biotechnology group.
My project is founded by the Research Council for Technology and Production (Case no. 11-104551):
Fish and shellfish are important food sources, unfortunately, they can be the cause of food borne diseases. Especially molluscan shellfish (mussels, scallops and oysters) are one of the prime vehicles as they feed by filtering seawater and thereby accumulate and concentrate human pathogenic microorganisms. This is true for both pathogenic bacteria that occur naturally in the water (Vibrio) but also for bacteria (Salmonella) and virus (norovirus) which are a result of contaminated water.
The purpose with this project is to improve the microbiological food safety of molluscan shellfish by using a new biological concept. The idea is that pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and virus) can be removed from molluscan shellfish by adding marine, antagonistic bacteria to the live animals.
Collectively, this project will give insight into production and mechanism-of-action of antimicrobial compounds, and it will use this knowledge to improve food safety in the production of molluscan shellfish.