Søren Lütken

Søren Lütken

Senior Adviser

DTU Management

UNEP DTU Partnership
UNEP DTU Partnership - Business Models & Finance

Technical University of Denmark

Marmorvej 51

Building FN Byen, room 3.8.04

2100 København Ø

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Soren E. Lütken, PhD, Senior adviser, UNEP Risoe Centre combines an MBA background and a PhD in climate policy with experience from 10 years of service in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He worked in project finance in Eastern Europe and multilateral finance in general in the 1990s and was posted in Beijing to implement the Danish bilateral climate change collaboration with China. 2 years in private CDM business in China brought him to his current position with URC where he is working on climate finance and NAMAs. He initiated the NAMAcademy, where he is lecturing on finance. He is the author of several working papers on climate finance issues as well the internationally published book ‘Corporate Strategies and the CDM – developing country financing for developed country commitments?’ (2008). His second book on 'Financial Engineering of NAMAs' is planned for publishing in the May of 2014.