Nini Pryds

Nini Pryds

Sektionsleder, Professor

Institut for Energikonvertering og -lagring

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Frederiksborgvej 399

Bygning 779, rum S25

4000 Roskilde

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During the last 10 years he played a leading role in a new cross-disciplinary research fields in the area of functional materials for energy application. He has nucleated and matured in Denmark an area now known as magnetic refrigeration which includemagnetic materials; magnetocaloric effect; permanent magnet design; modelling of active magnetic regenerator (AMR); and design and building of prototypes. He has also started the activity at DTU in the area of interfaces of complex oxides which include materialsphysicsof complex oxides: structure-property-processing interrelationships; and the manufacture of functional oxide thin films and heterostrucures by pulsed laser deposition. Finally, another major area which he started at DTU is high temperature thermoelectric materials and in particular design of novel properties and materials (n and p-types materials) and thermoelectric modules design.