Group visits to DTU

Technical University of Denmark is happy to host group visits to the university within the following categories:
  •  Businesses 
  •  Universities 
  •  Organisations
  •  Ministries and agencies 
  •  Local authorities 
  •  Alumni 

A visit to DTU should normally relate to one of DTU’s main activities within research, education, innovation and public sector services.
To ensure that the visit it relevant for both the visitor(s) and for DTU, we consider each enquiry regarding a visit separately. When enquiring about a visit to DTU, we therefore ask that you specify the following:
  •  Purpose of the visit 
  •  Theme of the visit 
  •  Proposed time for the visit (month and year) 
  •  Who is participating in the visit


If you are interested, please send your enquiry about visiting DTU to or contact Niels Grolin, Senior Adviser, Office for Private and Public Sector Services, +45 4525 1025.