Scientific advice

Scientific advice refers to all types of tasks that DTU performs for government ministries, agencies and other public sector administrative bodies such as municipal and regional authorities and international institutions. The tasks are research-based and comprise advisory services, risk assessments, contingency plans, monitoring, mapping, research and development.

Scientific advice is one of DTU’s research-based core activities on equal terms with education and innovation. Co-production between those activities is crucial in ensuring the highest possible quality within each individual area. An example for the synergies achieved is the camera documentation of fishing vessel catches, which is the result of an innovative idea for the administration of a sustainable European fishing policy. Likewise, the Food Safety and Quality BEng programme is an example of how experience from DTU’s partnership with public sector authorities and the business community has been integrated into the education of university students in modern risk-based management and control of food quality and production.

Today, around one-fifth of DTU’s 5,800 employees work with scientific advice— an area that generates a turnover of approximately DKK 1 billion via financing from ministries and from research projects funded by the EU and other international organisations.

DTU’s ambition is to be a preferred Danish and international provider of services to public sector authorities in the fields of life science and the technical natural sciences.

DTU is pursuing this ambition by living up to its scientific advice concept and by working with national and international requisitioners.


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