Sofie Christiansen

Senior Researcher

Sofie Christiansen

DTU National Food Institute

Research Group for Molecular and Reproductive Toxicology

Henrik Dams Allé

Building 202 Room 5213

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Sofie Christiansen


Reproductive toxicity Sexual differentiation Endocrine disruption Anogenital distance Nipple retention Mixture effects Combination effects Behaviour Teratology Rats OECD test guidelines

Since February 2013, I have been employed as a senior researcher. I am part of the group "Reproductive toxicology" in the Division of Toxicology and Risk Assessment.  This group is led by Professor Ulla Hass. Our overall purpose of our research and public consultancy within this focus area is prevention of reproductive toxicity effects. I have more than twelve years of experience with large mixture developmental toxicity studies in animals and has special expertise on morphological and functional endpoints such as anogenital distance, malformations, sexual maturation and behaviour.  In addition to my research, I do research-based consultancy primarily for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. I have extensive expertise on evaluations of regulatory studies and the use of in vivo data in REACH and in OECD, where I since 2010 have been one of the two Danish national coordinators within the OECD Test Guideline programme.