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Information for suppliers and contractors

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Corona measures for external partners in DTU's areas

When you provide a service or goods to DTU, you must observe the following guidelines:

  • Everyone who moves indoors in DTU's areas must be able to document a negative test result (lightning test or PCR) that is at most 72 hours old (from the time of testing) or be exempt from the requirement. Read more here (point 1).
  • Use a facemask inside DTU's buildings
  • Signage must be observed

The Danish Health Authority's recommendations apply to everyone:

  • Stay home if you are ill
  • Keep 2 meters distance to others
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve
  • Use hand sanitiser or wash your hands often

The following also applies to construction work in DTU' 's buildings:

  • Divide into work areas - so that each profession works separately
  • Plan access routes - so you can pass each other at a reasonable distance
  • If you share tools or other equipment with colleagues - remember to sanitise/clean
  • Clean your protective equipment often - and do not share it with others
  • If you work in one of DTU's common areas (corridors, canteens, etc.) or rooms with users, you must use a facemask or visor during the work.
  • Feel free to block off your work area

Fenced construction sites may have other rules defined by the client.