Transforming our campus


Transforming DTU

DTU is currently investing more than DKK 4 billion in a comprehensive transformation of the university's buildings and infrastructure. Over 20 different building projects have been initiated and are under way. These aim to create the best conditions for a world-class technical university, which can attract the best researchers and students from all over the World.

Drone video - Lyngby Campus

Drones regularly fly over Lyngby Campus and film the construction work

Building 128-129

New labs for DTU Civil Engineering.

Building 116

The building, which houses the biggest auditorium at DTU Lyngby Campus, needs rebuilding and refurbishing.

Building 201-205

With the construction of a new 50,000 m2 Life Science and Bioengineering complex, DTU will be able to bring together most of the bio-scientific research environments at its Lyngby campus.

Building 212

Building 212 is a new building for DTU Chemistry measuring just 250 m2. The building will house four NMR spectrometers and will consist of a room for the spectrometers and adjoining technical and operator rooms.

Building 220

The new building, which includes a basic research centre supported by the Danish National Research Foundation, creates better opportunities for synergies between research, education, and innovation within micro and nanotechnology.

Building 225

The new building 225 for DTU Systems Biology will house ultra-modern laboratories for protein research.

Building 303A

New auditoriums to give students an inspiring and interactive start at DTU.

Building 340

Building 340 is a three story structure located between Assmussens Alle and Ørsteds Plads. The building is located close to the existing buildings of DTU Fotonik. The majority of the building’s research facilities are subterranean.

Building 119A

Building 119A will house the new Villum Centre for Advanced Structural and Material Testing.

Hempel College

The new Hempel Kollegiet, DTU will provide accommodation for 200 international students at Lyngby Campus. The facility will be sited in the green, wooded area on the corner of Anker Engelunds Vej and Lundtoftevej.

Building 228

 New test and research building for DTU Chemical Engineering.