Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in Effect of Gas Impurities on Performance of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells DTU Energy 03 DEC 21
PhD Scholarships in Enzyme Biotechnology for Biocatalytic Protein Mobilization, Enhanced Nutritional Quality and Palatability of Plant-based Foods DTU Bioengineering 03 DEC 21
PhD scholarship in Mitigation of Sandwich Debond Damages for Robust Naval and Aircraft Structures DTU Mechanical Eng 05 DEC 21
Analytical Chemist / MS specialist Center for Biosustainability 05 DEC 21
PhD scholarship in Materials for Advanced Devices used for Drug Delivery and Sampling DTU Health Tech 05 DEC 21
Two Research Assistants in Water Treatment DTU Environment 06 DEC 21
Postdoc in Electrolyte Thermodynamics for Biotechnology Applications DTU Chemical Eng. 06 DEC 21
Postdoc in Super Resolution Ultrasound Imaging DTU Health Tech 08 DEC 21
Senior Researcher in Quantum Nanophotonics DTU Fotonik 09 DEC 21
PhD scholarship in Performance and Durability of Electrolyte Supported Solid Oxide Cells and Stacks DTU Energy 10 DEC 21
Research Specialist in Optical Fibers (part time position) DTU Fotonik 10 DEC 21
Two PhD scholarships in biocatalysis with industrial collaboration Center for Biosustainability 10 DEC 21
PhD scholarship in Transport Infrastructure Construction Estimating and Management DTU Engineering Technology 10 DEC 21
PhD position in the field of reactive flow and transport in cement Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 11 DEC 21
Postdoc in X-ray Imaging of Plant Microstructures DTU Physics 12 DEC 21