Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Business Development Director Center for Biosustainability 19 DEC 18
Project Coordinator DTU Entrepreneurship 19 DEC 18
PhD position in Wind Turbine Remaining Life Prediction DTU Wind Energy 20 DEC 18
PhD scholarship in Impact of Microplastics on the Marine Food Web DTU Aqua 20 DEC 18
PhD scholarship in Operations Research DTU Management Engineering 20 DEC 18
PhD scholarship in Identifying dissolved organic matter characteristics driving contaminant fate and biodegradation in aquatic systems DTU Environment 20 DEC 18
Director of the Center for Life Long Learning at DTU HR 20 DEC 18
Senior Data Manager within the integrative Systems Biology area DTU Bioinformatics 21 DEC 18
Innovationspecialist til Water DTU DTU Environment 21 DEC 18
PhD scholarship in Biophysical Nanomedicine DTU Nanotech 21 DEC 18
Videnskabelig assistent DTU Health Technology 22 DEC 18
Assistant for eel hatchery technology development DTU Aqua 25 DEC 18
PhD Scholarship in Chemical Biology DTU Chemistry 25 DEC 18
Assistant Professor in Electron Microscopy Characterization of Nanomaterials and their Interactions with Biological Systems DTU Nanotech 26 DEC 18
Research Engineer DTU Physics 26 DEC 18