As a DTU researcher, you are part of a large community of 6,000 employees with a shared commitment to developing and applying the natural and technical sciences for the benefit of society.

You will also be part of an international research environment with several external partnerships. DTU thus has the largest proportion of both international students and international researchers and lecturers among Danish universities.

At DTU, you will also find a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by, among other things, good role models and a wide-ranging ecosystem of networks, serial entrepreneurs, and centres, researchers and students are setting up record numbers of new companies each year covering a wide range of DTU’s research areas.

Strategic partnerships

DTU has established strategic partnerships and alliances with selected international elite universities. These are the Nordic Five Techthe EuroTech Universities Alliancethe Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC)the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)Nanyang Technological University, and the University of Queensland.

Through alliances and strategic partnerships, DTU’s researchers are given access to an extended working community that provides opportunities for exchanging experience—scientific, teaching, and administrative—with international colleagues.

World-class facilities

In recent years, DTU has invested a lot of money and resources in its research infrastructure.

Researchers at DTU therefore have a number of unique research facilities at their disposal, and contribute with instrumentation and data processing for several joint European facilities.

Career development

Competence development has a high priority at DTU, so the foundation for retaining and developing its position as an elite university is maintained and optimized.

Competence development is viewed from an individual perspective at DTU by improving managers’ and employees’ competences in relation to performance, and from an organizational perspective by ensuring that competence potential is realized, leading to high quality and efficiency. This competence development must support DTU’s daily and future activities.

You can either participate in one of the internal courses and training schemes which DTU offers to all its employees, or apply for financial support in connection with competence development with external training providers.

Help for foreign researchers at DTU

To attract and retain international researchers, DTU has established an International Housing Foundation (Boligfonden) which has various properties that can be rented out to guests for shorter periods of time. However, the housing foundation is unable to guarantee housing for everyone as demand generally exceeds the number of accommodation units.

Otherwise, the International Faculty Service aims to provide help and guidance on practical matters while a foreign researcher is employed at DTU.

Finally, DTU organizes a wide range of social activities etc. for international researchers and their families to ensure a good starting point for a research stay at DTU.

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